Yakatabune Hamadaya
Traditional Japanese-style cruising restaurant 1-14-5 Yanagihara Adachi-ku, Tokyo 120-0022 [ Map]


Opening hours: 9:00 am~7:00 pm

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Enjoy the night view of Tokyo on Hamadaya’s Yakatabune.

Course dishes and charge

Yakatabune Hamadaya is thoroughly particular about dishes as “Yakatabune that prides itself on its dishes”. To have customers want to eat our dishes again, our full-time cooks give variety to dishes with their experience and skills, using seasonal fresh ingredients and make them into original Hamadaya specialty dishes to serve you.

We have wide variety of courses. We are proud of the best range of dishes in this industry including the most popular authentic Japanese dishes course, whose contents change 5 times by season, Yakiniku(Grilled beef) course, casual light meal course for private chartered Yakatabune.
We also serve dishes specially prepared for children and set the child rate, so guests with families are really pleased. The charge includes dishes, drink(all-you-can-drink) and the boarding fee. All-you-can-drink service includes beer, Japanese sake, whisky, wine, shochu(distilled liquor), juice, cola, tea and so on.

Yakatabune Hamadaya Kaiseki course

Yakatabune Hamadaya Kaiseki photo

The authentic Japanese dishes course is the regular menu of Yakatabune Hamadaya and it is the most popular Kaiseki (a full course Japanese dishes) course. The contents change 5 times a year by seasonal ingredients, Please enjoy Hamadaya’s original and creative Japanese dishes. You can enjoy the course both on NORIAI Shared Yakatabune and KASHIKIRI Chartered Yakatabune, but courses served and charges are subject to change according to the period. Please contact us about it when you make a booking.

All the schedules: 10,000 yen plus tax ~ per adult


Yakatabune Hamadaya Kaiseki photo

The regular courses include a reasonable lunch course limited for NORIAI Shared Yakatabune and “Shokado-course” with a smaller amount, specially prepared for private chartered Yakatabune that can be used by a group of 30 or more people.

All the schedules: 8,000 yen plus tax~ per adult

Yakiniku Kaiseki courses

Yakatabune Hamadaya Kaiseki photo

Yakiniku (Grilled beef) Kaiseki course is our original course that you can enjoy in Yakiniku Yakatabune “Ohgosho”, which is unusual for Yakatabune. It is a course with a variety of grilled food and amuse bouche and salad that our grand chef carefully prepares.
You can choose among 3 Yakiniku Kaiseki courses. Please contact us about it when you make a booking.

All the schedules: 10,000 yen plus tax~ per adult

In addition we have fresh sashimi course and Kids’ menus. Please contact us about it when you make a booking.

*When you are with children*。
・If you use NORIAI Shared Yakatabune with infants (preschoolers), up to two infants per group can go on board for free of charge (without food, without seats).
If you are with three or more infants, two of them can go on board for free of charge and excess charge of 2,000 yen plus tax per excess one infant. For the infants we charge fee, we prepare seats.
・When we prepare dishes for them, please choose either Kids’ menu (5,000 yen plus tax) or the same dishes for adults at the child rate. If you charter in a group of 30 or more people or a small group with many children, please contact us individually.
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