Yakatabune Hamadaya
Traditional Japanese-style cruising restaurant 1-14-5 Yanagihara Adachi-ku, Tokyo 120-0022 [ Map]


Opening hours: 9:00 am~7:00 pm

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Enjoy the night view of Tokyo on Hamadaya’s Yakatabune.

KASHIKARI Chartered Yakatabune

It is a private chartered plan in which you can enjoy special parties and events. You can leave whenever you like, during the daytime, in the evening or at night. Enjoy wonderful views of Tokyo and authentic Japanese dishes with your important friends. Having parties, banquets and events of your company, you will have an unforgettable memories.

In the private chartered plan, in addition to the authentic Japanese dishes course, you can add “fresh sashimi” and “freshly deep-fried tempura.”(Additional fresh sashimi: 2,500 yen plus tax , additional freshly deep-fried tempura: 2,500 yen plus tax and additional both fresh sashimi and freshly deep-fried tempura:5,000 yen plus tax.)

※If you wish to use a wheelchair when you get on board, please consult with us. We may not be able to meet your wishes.

KASHIKIRI Chartered Yakatabune Contact (Booking)

As for booking a private chartered plan, please contact us by e-mail, telephone, FAX and so on. We have staff who can speak Chinese (Mandarin).
If you contact us by FAX, please write your contact information without fail. We will get back to you after receiving it. If you contact us by cell phone e-mail, please specify the domain reception of your cell phone because when you specify to block e-mails, we won’t be able to reach you.
【Specified domain】@hamadamaru.com

※When you contact us by e-mail form, an auto-response message will be sent to you without fail. If you don’t receive it, please check a junk mail folder. If you don’t receive our e-mail, your contact may not have been completed. If so, please contact us by telephone.
※TEL:03-3881-2314 FAX:03-3881-2964

After entering necessary items and booking contents in the following entry field and click “To the confirmation screen”.
We will get back to you after confirming the status of booking.

About payment

When you finish payment, the booking is completed. Please pay in advance. After booking, please pay by a credit card or other methods.
We will contact you about the payment by e-mail. If you have questions and concerns, please ask us when you contact us.

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